8 Jul 2008

ain't quite the ticket

Took photos of my work last night for an application - messed around with the top pair in photoshop and they are looking fabulously baggy and moody! This one is called tiny boat.
Jo D has just sent me the photo of me and the chair.  I was sitting in the just bought chair waiting for John to buy an inner tube thinking I bet I'm going to see someone I know.  Then Jo turns up and she's got a camera!  When I showed John this photo last night he said I look like I aint' quite the ticket.

I took this photo a while ago and on the mantle piece is a picture of a real person fallen off of a drawn bike - an image I found and stuck in a frame without knowing anything about, it has fascinated me for several years.  And I have JUST found out the artist's name:  Robin Rhode <<<

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