9 Jun 2008

two heads are better than one

Been working from home this afternoon with cats and lawnmowers for company.  This picture comes from messing around with stairs and heads and photoshop - making my heads look like they belong in a 70s Terrance Conran  House Book. The stairs give a good idea of the scale, an alternative to the traditional 50 pence piece!  

Busy weekend!
Friday - Visited the Bath Spa degree shows  -  Ceramic students were in the Holburne Museum, fantastic venue and a great opportunity for them to show in a non-white space.  The exhibition was a real treat.  
Saturday -  went to Bovey Tracey to the Craft Fair and came very close to buying a Cleo Mussi piece - but we felt less-than-clear-in the head for such a decision so departed.  Beautiful beautiful work. And to top it all off.....Sunday - a canoe trip down the river Wye.  Sand martins, damsel flies, reeds, swans, beaches, beautiful calm  - apart form the incident with the tree.

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