27 Jun 2008

are we ever going to have a summer

rain and radishes today and the 'idea & act' symposium which was a great stir of the brain and a chance to do some drawing without looking drawings.  (Barnaby Barford was the most stir-y)

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Rose the Shopper Girl said...

Hi Claire,

Yes we WILL have a summer, but maybe not this year! Didn't you catch it when it was here, those few hours a couple months back???

Your blog is so lovely, such an inspiration.

Gotta figure out how to get more images on my blog.

Things progressing as they should here (I suppose).

Currently re-making a blouse that I've had plans to "re-do" for sometime. Not as easy as I thought it was going to be.

Going to the Open Evening for hairdressing at college on the 10 July to decide if that is to be my new venture.

Also checking out the Fashion program (also at SCAT)but at a different campus.

The space for your Idle Hands show looks FAB.